"NEQ’s mission is to help companies foster and maintain a secure enterprise environment by providing security assessment services utilizing the Framework of Risk Management and Analysis (FoRMA) model."

Focus Areas

  • IT Risk Management through Discovery, Assessment, Tracking and Remediation support
  • Ensure critical IT assets are inventoried and aligned to key business functions (using GAIT-R)
  • Ensure Security compliance with IT Policies, Standards (CObIT, ISO-27001, SANS Top-20) and Regulations (PCI-DSS, Safe Harbor)
  • Ensure Employee Awareness of security threats, security policies, and best practices

Our Philosophy Includes

  • Business-Aligned Goals

    • Supporting Business Prioritized Objectives
    • Develop Controls Tailored to Risk Appetite
  • Chronological Control Framework

    • Includes Proactive, Reactive and Corrective Controls
    • Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Perspectives
  • Validated Security

    • Industry Threat Trending
    • Ethical Hacking using Duality-of-Risk Approach

Who do we partner with?

NEQ carefully reviews potential partners and selects them based on their capability and their performance.

Managed Security Service Provider

IT Managed Services and Security Consulting

Sentry Metrics is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with our head office in Toronto, Canada. Our Managed Security Services follow ITIL best practices to provide strategic methods for improving effective and efficient operations.

We are presently determining our partners in their specific areas of expertise, and we are interested in talking to you, particularly if you are a security service provider interested in partnering.

What can NEQ offer you to partner with us?

If you are a security service provide that has a service that would fit into our ISPAS methodology, NEQ can offer you the opportunity to be included in our service offering to our customers.

Update: We are currently looking to engage with companies who provide a penetration testing service!

If you are a security service provider who would like to offer the ISPAS methodology or use the FoRMA model in your service, NEQ can offer to license and train your staff.

If you are a security service provider and you would like to recommend us to your customers who are looking for the ISPAS type service, or you would like to engage our service under your label, NEQ can offer to talk to you further about the best ways we can please your customers.

To discuss how we can better help you, please